Fortune 100 Insurance Protection Plan
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Fortune 100 Insurance Protection Plan
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*Starting from the 3rd policy year, guaranteed cash coupon will be payable every 3 years
Above calculations are for reference only, please contact your financial consultant to have an official illustration proposal.
Key Benefits of "Fortune 100" Insurance Protection Plan
Guaranteed Cash Coupon until Age 100 Helps You to Build Your Wealth

On top of offering a guaranteed cash value, Fortune 100 Insurance Protection Plan will also pay you a guaranteed cash coupon every 3 years, starting from the 3rd policy anniversary until you reach the age of 100. You may withdraw these guaranteed cash coupon any time, or keep them with us to earn interest1.

You will also earn extra guaranteed cash coupon at the end of the premium payment period if 15-year or 18-year premium payment period is chosen. This will be equal to 9% of the sum insured, and it will help you to earn extra return effortlessly.

Flexible Payment Period plus Fixed Premiums

We offer you a flexible premium payment period of 9, 15 or 18 years for Fortune 100 Insurance Protection Plan. The premium is fixed during the premium payment period which helps to plan your financial arrangements more easily. You may opt to prepay premium in advance if you choose 9-year premium payment period, please contact your consultant for details.

Dividends You Can Use Flexibly

The Fortune 100 Insurance Protection Plan will pay you an annual dividend1 on every policy anniversary. You will have the flexibility to keep this dividend in your plan to accumulate interest1, withdraw it in cash, or using it for full or partial settlement2 of future premiums.

In addition, the plans offer a terminal dividend1 if your policy is surrendered, upon its maturity or in the unfortunate event of death of the insured. This will provide an additional financial return and financial protection.

Free Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services

When you enroll in the Fortune 100 Insurance Protection Plan, you will enjoy 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services, no matter where you are.

Optional Benefits for Comprehensive Protection

You can also enjoy all-round protection cover based on your needs by selecting from a range of optional benefits, either when you make your application or any time thereafter. These include medical, hospitalization, critical illness and accident insurance.

1.Annual dividend, terminal dividend and interest from annual dividend are not guaranteed. However, once declared, the declared amount of the annual dividend and the accumulated interest will be credited to the policy. An annual dividend may be payable at the sole discretion of the company on each policy anniversary after this policy has been in force for a minimum number of policy years (to be determined by us) and provided that all premiums due have been paid up to each relevant policy anniversary.

2.Annual dividend may be insufficient to cover future premiums and the policyholder is required to resume payments of future premium by other payment methods accepted by us.


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